Presentation of Draft Junortoun Community Plan

This year the Junortoun Community Action Group (JCAG) is updating the Junortoun Community Plan. The process has commenced and we are seeking your ideas and input.

A community plan outlines the wishes, ambitions and project that residents have for their suburb, location or community. There have been two Junortoun Community Plans produced previously, which have served to focus the activities of JCAG, and have been valuable documents when advocating to Council, Parks Victoria, Regional Roads Victoria, PTV and more.

The Third Junortoun Community Plan will be built around eight themes. Over the coming weeks you will have the chance to comment on each of the themes as we reveal and discuss them here, and in other discussions JCAG will hold with the community.

Key Steps and Dates:

– JCAG will present a Draft Third Junortoun Community Plan to the community on Monday 12 September.

– Consultation and feedback (September and early October)

– Launch of final Third Junortoun Community Plan at “Welcome to Summer” BBQ on Sunday 27 November

If you wish to know more, or be part of the process contact JCAG at admin@junortoun.vic.au

You can read the current Junortoun Community Plan at: https://www.junortoun.vic.au/community-plan/

What do you think?

What improvements could be made to make Junortoun an even better place to live?