Welcome to Junortoun

Welcome to Junortoun, and welcome to this website which is maintained by the Junortoun Community Action Group Inc. (JCAG).

Junortoun is a growing community 8km east of Bendigo, Victoria. Junortoun has a mixture of housing from suburban-style streets within Bendigo’s urban growth boundary, to bush blocks of 10,000m2 (2½ acres) or more.

JCAG is a volunteer, not-for-profit organisation that represents and advocates for the residents of Junortoun. Founded in 2012, JCAG aspires to be Bendigo’s most effective community representative organisation. Click here to read more about the projects and successes of the Junortoun Community Action Group.

This website has been developed to share information about what Junortoun has to offer; to bring the community closer together through news, information and events; and to keep residents informed about projects and the implementation of the Junortoun Community Plan.

If you are a resident of Junortoun, visitor to Junortoun, or if you work, shop, play, worship or have children who go to school in Junortoun we invite you to keep in touch and learn more about our fabulous community.

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Junortoun community plan

The Junortoun Community Action Group represents and advocates for the residents with the aim to make Junortoun an even better place to live.

The objectives and activities of JCAG are guided by the Junortoun Community Plan. The current (third) edition of the plan was developed in 2022. You can download a copy of the plan by clicking on the image at left, and you can read about the history and development of the plan at this link.

Supporters and sponsors

JCAG is grateful to the many organisations and businesses that support our community.