The Junortoun Community Action Group Inc. (JCAG) produces a regular community e-newsletter which contains news and details of coming community events.

We are keen to continue to produce and publish these community newsletters and we offer a number of ways to keep in touch with news from your community.

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JCAG publishes articles of genuine community news in the newsletter free of charge – subject to our editorial policy.

JCAG also accepts commercial advertising within its newsletter, and on the JCAG website and Facebook pages. Please contact JCAG Admin to discuss advertising rates, deadlines and requirements for copy. 

Latest newsletter

Newsletter No 35 – Autumn 2024

Newsletter archive

Newsletter No. 27 – Winter 2020

Newsletter No. 26 – Autumn 2020

Newsletter No. 25 – Summer 2019-20

Newsletter No. 24 – Spring 2019

Newsletter No. 23 – Winter 2018

Newsletter No. 22 – Autumn 2018

Newsletter No. 21 – December 2017

Newsletter No. 20 – September 2017

Newsletter No. 19 – June 2017

Newsletter No. 18 – March 2017

Newsletter No. 17 – December 2016

Newsletter No. 16 – September 2016

other back issues available on request to 

Prior to 2017 the JCAG newsletters were printed and distributed to letterboxes throughout Junortoun. This was costing JCAG around $900 for each edition. Unfortunately JCAG can no longer sustain the cost of printing and distributing these newsletters without charge. Hence we have moved to an e-newsletter.