Nest boxes

The Junortoun Community Action Group is leading a project to install hundreds of nest boxes for birds and small mammals along the O’Keefe Rail Trail in Junortoun and neighbouring communities.

The project is delivered as a partnership between the Junortoun Community Action Group, Catherine McAuley College and the City of Greater Bendigo.

Target species

To date nest boxes have been constructed to support the nesting behaviours of:

  • Tuans (phascogales)
  • Sugar gliders
  • Eastern Rosellas
  • Owlet nightjars


Coming soon

More information

For more information on the Junortoun Nestbox  Project,, or if to get involved, speak with Colin Smith 0417 595 180 or email: 

Acknowledgement of funding and support

The Junortoun Community Action Group gratefully acknowledged grant funding provided by the City of Greater Bendigo through its community grants program to allow for the purchase of materials used in the nestbox project.

JCAG also acknowledges advice and expertise provided by the City of Greater Bendigo by installing the nest boxes along the O’Keefe Rail Trail.