Dam repaired at Honeyeater Bushland Reserve

Junortoun Community Action Group has this week, along with other projects at the site, almost completed repair of the dam at Honeyeater Bushland Reserve. Works would have been completed except for the wet weather that we are currently experiencing.

The existing dam wall had been washed away. It needed repairing and strengthening in order to perform as originally intended. The Committee saw a need to ensure a supply of water at Honeyeater Bushland Reserve to sustain wildlife in the area and as source of water for planned revegetation projects.  The dam is also a significant and valuable water source for firefighting in the area. It is currently used for Junortoun Fire Brigade training, and DELWP has indicated it could potentially be used by helicopters for firefighting if required.

Repair of the wall involved excavation down to the natural clay base and the construction of a clay core that was fully compacted to ensure water tightness. Upstream and downstream batters were built up as work on the core proceeded, followed by the placement of topsoil on both batters. Construction work involved the use of an excavator, front-end loader and a padfoot roller.

A spillway to provide for overflow was excavated at the Western end of the dam wall, where a box culvert is yet to be placed. Following this a gravel surface will be placed over the top of the wall, to allow passage of foot traffic, bicycles and emergency vehicles.

The track over the top of the dam wall will also provide an important link and complete a loop with the recently upgraded Rim Walk to allow visitors to the reserve to walk or cycle all around the former gravel quarry.